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This is a place for ideas to be born and more importantly bring them back! This ‘plan’ adopts the idea of reverting back to a time that is almost lost today. There is a lot of debate surrounding the idea that our advancements in healthcare and technology are really extending the survival of our race. There is no doubt a significant increase in the average life span of our race since the morbid ‘death at child birth’ time period.

HOWEVER—Moderation is KEY

What if we could live simply without ignoring scientific advancements? What if we knew then what we know now?

With all of the advancements in technology and healthcare, we also must consider the negative impact of them as well. Why do we ignore the facts about modern medicine. Why are we taking so many medications? Society has been blinded. Most of the medicines we consume and the treatments we accept today are caused by the lifestyle we have adopted through the vicious cycle of advancements. There are a million inventions of today that have made our race a superior being and let us not ignore how far we have come. Of course, I believe in growth and support the idea of change. What can’t be ignored is what we have learned about what stress does to our bodies. We also forget that all the preservatives in our processed foods are terrible for our body.

Why have we distanced ourselves from the earth in which we came?

Whether you are religious and believe in a higher power or you support evolution theories, they both lead to birth from earth. Whether an organism or a higher hand creating us from dust, we have lost our grounding. Why do we find the natural life to be barbaric? Society has one big problem. The advancements in machines have created a façade of a luxurious future. The reality is that we have created weaker minds and lost roots in our natural survival instincts.

We have also learned so much about the life we have created but yet we are not willing to stand back and recognize the threat.  This plan is to find the balance in educating ourselves to combine the knowledge that we have today yet chose not to use them. I would never want to seem untaught or ignorant to technical advancements…but I want to be able to say I can live without them. I want to live a life that keeps these skills sharp in my mind and routine.

ASK YOURSELF THIS: What would you do without _(fill in the blank)_?

  1. A GPS
  2. County Waste Management Facilities
  3. Cell Phone
  4. Washer/Dryer
  5. Dishwasher
  6. Dove (store bought soap)
  7. Colgate (store bought toothpaste)
  8. A fridge/freezer
  9. Electricity
  10. City water
  11. Google/Wikipedia

What would you do if your local government just stopped supplying you with the ‘luxury’ of todays world. What if you could not afford to pay for all these ‘luxuries’ that should be free? Hmm. Would you be able to survive? Could you grow food if you needed to? Could you filter rain water if it was all you had? Could you find your way home without a map or GPS? Would you know how to store food without electricity?


The Elephany Plan is nothing more than the documented progress of my journey to an off-grid life. This is a place to share ideas and inspire each other to be the best versions of ourselves. At the end of the day, we do not use money to buy things that we want and need. We trade our time for paper to buy things we could have free. The Elephany Plan adopts the idea of Working to Live vs. Living to Work.

For me, at the end of the day you might have enough money but you will never have enough time. Therefore, my time can not and will not be bought.

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Your host,

-Silent Echo


One thought on “Elephany Plan

  1. What I hear quoted all the time is something along the line. “It’s a brave new world” or “We’re entering a brave new world.” Has anyone whoever quoted this line read the book? The book Brave New World is all about living in an artificial world and a complete disconnect with nature. I agree with what you are saying here. My wife and I have been living off grid for 5 years this Christmas, and as we have distanced ourselves from main stream media, we realize how artificial our world has become. Artificial flavors, preservatives, drug induced personalities, bio-hacking, etc. We just want to be connected to the earth. Dig in the dirt, grow food, and work the land.


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