How Many of These Do You Waste Money On?

How many of these products or similar equivalent brands are in your home?

Here is a list that I put together of really common household cleaners and products that people use. I picked more popular or even cheaper brands to represent the use. ADD THEM UP! COMMENT YOUR TOTAL $$$

Some of you may use even MORE than what I have listed but I honestly could not think of another thing. I ran out of possible items you can buy BUT I know they are out there.

-Silent Echo


“I don’t even look at these aisles anymore. I could not be happier to say that.”

-Silent Echo

  • Bleach $4.23
  • Windex $3.14
  • Scrubbing Bubbles $3.47
  • Comet $ 2.98
  • Pledge Floor Care $4.69
  • Pine-Sol $3.07
  • Gain Laundry Detergent $ 15.99
  • Pledge Multi-Purpose $ 6.04
  • Soft Scrub Disinfecting Cleaner $4.19
  • Clorox Toilet Tablet $4.99
  • Soft Scrub Bowl Cleaner $2.92
  • OXI Clean Stain Remover $8.57
  • Dawn Dish Washing Soap $2.67
  • Cascade Dishwasher Packets $11.29
  • 409 $3.29
  • Lysol $2.97
  • Fabuloso $2.87
  • Grout Cleaning $3.29
  • Murphy Wood Cleaner $3.59
  • Gain Dryer Sheets $5.09
  • Clean and Clear Face Wash $3.49
  • Suave Shampoo $3.69
  • Suave Conditioner $3.69
  • Resolve Carpet Cleaner $ 6.88
  • Febreeze Carpet Deodorizing Powder $2.49
  • Soft Soap Hand $.99
  • Wet Ones $3.49
  • Suavitel Fabric Conditioner $7.39
  • Dove Beauty Bar 4PK $5.49
  • Lotion $10.25

Fun little activity to really help you see how much money you spend without a second thought on a regular basis. I did this not too long ago when I started to really evaluate my finances. I needed to make cuts and I had to start with things I can control.

After digging and really changing my spending habits, I unintentionally have become a minimalist and really embracing it. The fact that I was already starting to find alternatives for the sake of moving ‘chemical free’, I was already armed with an answer to my problem. There was no reason to keep buying these things. Transitioning into a “zero-waste” lifestyle has become so rewarding for me. I have reduced my footprint to almost nothing and my bank account is thanking me too.

I have more expenses this year than ever in my life. I bought a home, a new car and moved across the country. Most people would find this life change to be a wreck for finances right now. My experience is quite the opposite! I actually have more money leftover each pay check with each month that passes. The secret is not doing without entirely, which is the common misconception. The answer is to first determine a need and then finding an alternative. If you don’t NEED it, say no. Learn to say no.

I am really curious to see how much money you could be saving too! I would love to hear more money and earth saving ideas if you’ve got ’em. If you are interested in getting tips, recipes or want to know how I am avoiding box stores…follow my blog or contact me directly!


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