How Many of These Do You Waste Money On?

How many of these products or similar equivalent brands are in your home?

Here is a list that I put together of really common household cleaners and products that people use. I picked more popular or even cheaper brands to represent the use. ADD THEM UP! COMMENT YOUR TOTAL $$$

Some of you may use even MORE than what I have listed but I honestly could not think of another thing. I ran out of possible items you can buy BUT I know they are out there.

-Silent Echo

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Finding Balance-Nature Vs. Natural

“Look what the cat 😼drug in…literally. Mr. Simon Chipmunk was a little shaken up by Sox. Of course I had to rescue him. 😊😿💗👏”

‘The balance between preserving nature and the natural way of life is simply the respect of the kill.’ 

-Silent Echo

On a beautiful spring day earlier this week, my silly kitty cat who goes by Sox, was sun bathing in the yard. She suddenly seemed startled and sprung to her four paws. Crouching in the blades of grass, she balanced herself with grace and her true primitive roots were kicking in. I watched her intently to see what in the world could have bothered her. The air was still and warm and the earth seemed peaceful. I suddenly remembered that I never brought her food bowl out to the porch. “SOX! Come get your breakfast baby!”, I hollered from the hallway. My voice echoed through the open-aired house and out to the yard. Sox, sharply spins her head in my direction with a glare of intense concentration and I could see her body was just as still as before and had not moved other than her focus of sight.

After a few awkward seconds of a total stare off between us, her attention is brought back to focus on what originally plunged her up from the ground. Within another split second, she is off. She bolts along-side the garage on a primitive chase. I then see movement ahead of her. SHE IS HUNTING! Now I just feel awful. My poor kitty had to hunt for food because I waited too long to feed her. The poor animal, whatever it is, is going to get hurt…or worse, die. I charge out to the lawn and recklessly join the chaotic chase to save the poor soul. It must be a rat. Well, the cat is doing her job. After a few moments of chasing and my interceptions, Sox lost interest in her game. I find the furry fellow snuggled up to the side of the garage, heaving heavily and tuckered out from the race.

I instantly pick up the chipmunk and made a choice to save him from the claws of my vicious cat. As fun as it was to play and save the chipmunk, I was really conflicted about the whole thing. The balance of our earth is beautifully vicious. The nature of the circle of life is the natural response. In this moment, my cat was torturing this chipmunk purely out of fun for a game of cat and mouse…literally. However, would I have felt the same pity on the prey of her cousin cats like the lion or panther that was hunting to eat? Truth is, no.

Finding the balance in nature is a little bit more difficult today. Why do some humans hunt today when they don’t need to? Well, the truth to that is real simple. The food you buy in the store has to come from some where and chances are it was raised to slaughter and feed or it was hunted. We are a species who feeds on the skills of few. There is always the vegan argument or debate, which is more of a modern preference than a true natural way of life. My personal take on the hunter mentality is that the biblical teaching of the ‘food chain’ makes the point that animals serve more than a purpose to feed but also that our bodies need the source of meat.

I believe in the respect of the kill. Let one feed many. Let the life of that animal feed many people, many meals. Give the animal his earned badge purpose. The pig of a man who sits to devour careless amounts of steak in a sitting to himself is not respecting the natural kill or way of things. That is not the healthy way.

The little hysterical chase in my backyard was brought to an end because it was not the natural way. Yes, the nature of the cat is to hunt rodents and birds but that time was not necessary or natural. We do not eat meat with every meal at my house. Dinner is not made around the main dish of meat. I love steak, ribs and smoked pork. Do not misunderstand me! However, I do not stock up on the meat because its on sale. I buy a bulk meat to make many meals and portion respectable amounts.

The balance between preserving nature and the natural way of life is simply the respect of the kill. 



How to Find Your Dream Homesteading Land

“Here is a little clip of the article written by a couple who left the busy city of Miami to become homesteaders! The site is full of interesting views and experiences. I recommend taking a look into what they have to teach! Scroll to the end for a quick note about the authors of TATTOOED HOMESTEAD. Got to tell ya, I am right with them on the tattooed and the homestead.”

– Silent Echo

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  1. Never Give Up, Never Give In, Always Hold On To Hope and Always Go Down Fighting
    If Homesteading is what you want, then keep fighting for it.  Do what you can where you are and keep reading about what you can do to become more self sufficient and sustainable.
  2. Figure out What Is Important to You and Track It
    We had a lot of things we wanted in our Homestead.  We talked about them and I tracked them in my excel sheet, just to keep them in focus.
  3. Do your Research
    You can find out almost anything on the internet.  Between the County Clerk and Zillow you have have enough information to make your head spin.  Just keep your eyes focused on what’s important (See #2)
  4. Any House can be your Homestead
    You can turn your Rental or even an Apartment into your own little homestead.  It can be done.  You just have to learn to work within your limitations.  If it’s a rental, you may not be able to plant in the ground but you can certainly have potted plants.  An apartment can have a small garden on a Balcony.  Know the limitations on your land, research it (see #3) and then go do it!
  5. Don’t Judge a Book By It’s Cover
    You have to do the leg work.  You might see some horrible places.  Smelly, dilapidated, places.  Places with dead rats.  Places with horrible roofing.  Those are things you can’t see over the internet.  You have to go and get a feel for it and who knows, that one you haven’t looked at because it’s too far or doesn’t quite make numbers sense, might be the one that changes everything.

About Tattooed Homestead

We are a pair of techno-geek escapees from the cubical farms of Corporate IT who abandoned the hussle and bussle of the Magic City for a simpler life. We are converting a 5-acre plot of land with a house into an off-grid homestead from scratch and trying to grow more while buying less (though we have a long long way to go). We believe in sustainability and self reliance through permaculture and the pursuit of personal happiness. Learn more about us here

Sustainable Living–Seed Bombs

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Seed Bombing: How To Reforest The World


Lessons From Off-Grid Living – Renewable Energy – MOTHER EARTH NEWS

via Lessons From Off-Grid Living – Renewable Energy – MOTHER EARTH NEWS

Untethered Solar Power

When Michelle and I purchased our 1888 farmhouse, it was powered by eight 60-watt solar panels. We added four 75-watt panels, which were $750 each, or $10 per watt. The following year, we replaced our propane fridge with an electric model and added another four panels. (Today, those panels would cost us one-tenth of what we paid, because the cost has plummeted to about $1 per watt!) My neighbor helped me build and weld my own solar tracker, which allows our solar array to follow the trajectory of the sun across the sky. While solar trackers aren’t necessary, they’ve increased the energy output of our system by about 20 percent.

Several years later, we were offered four 175-watt panels at an excellent price, so I went to work building another solar tracker. For each solar panel we add to our array, life gets noticeably easier because we can use appliances that might have been too energy-intensive for our previous setup. Each addition also allows us to reduce our reliance on propane, which supplements our energy for cooking and heating water. Our arrays now hold 2,300 watts’ worth of solar panels, which is more than sufficient to run a refrigerator, a freezer, two laptop computers, an LCD television and DVD player, satellite TV and Internet, a washing machine, and a kitchen fully stocked with appliances. We get by without air conditioning, which would be a major energy hog. (See “Daily Energy Consumption on the Mather Homestead,” below, for a breakdown of our appliances’ energy use.)

Lesson: Purchase additional solar panels as soon as you can afford them. In hindsight, I wish we’d had the money to purchase more photovoltaic panels sooner. Each additional solar panel has made off-grid living more comfortable — ah, the simple joy of a toaster! — and has given us more confidence to use less propane and more solar-powered electricity for our cooking and baking.

Off-Grid Battery Bank

You can install grid-tied solar panels without batteries, but to be off-grid, you’ll need batteries to store power for use at night. We replaced our system’s existing nickel-cadmium battery bank that was at the end of its life with $4,000 worth of large, deep-cycle, lead-acid batteries. The batteries are the only part of our electrical system that requires regular attention. I monitor the batteries’ state of charge and periodically add distilled water to them. You’ll need to ensure that your batteries never fall below 50 percent of their charge. Never paying an electricity bill or experiencing a power outage is more than enough compensation for the time I spend to maintain our batteries.

Follow this advice about off-grid living from a 20-year veteran of producing utility-free electricity.

By Cam Mather
October/November 2014