How to Find Your Dream Homesteading Land

“Here is a little clip of the article written by a couple who left the busy city of Miami to become homesteaders! The site is full of interesting views and experiences. I recommend taking a look into what they have to teach! Scroll to the end for a quick note about the authors of TATTOOED HOMESTEAD. Got to tell ya, I am right with them on the tattooed and the homestead.”

– Silent Echo

via How to Find Your Dream Homesteading Land


  1. Never Give Up, Never Give In, Always Hold On To Hope and Always Go Down Fighting
    If Homesteading is what you want, then keep fighting for it.  Do what you can where you are and keep reading about what you can do to become more self sufficient and sustainable.
  2. Figure out What Is Important to You and Track It
    We had a lot of things we wanted in our Homestead.  We talked about them and I tracked them in my excel sheet, just to keep them in focus.
  3. Do your Research
    You can find out almost anything on the internet.  Between the County Clerk and Zillow you have have enough information to make your head spin.  Just keep your eyes focused on what’s important (See #2)
  4. Any House can be your Homestead
    You can turn your Rental or even an Apartment into your own little homestead.  It can be done.  You just have to learn to work within your limitations.  If it’s a rental, you may not be able to plant in the ground but you can certainly have potted plants.  An apartment can have a small garden on a Balcony.  Know the limitations on your land, research it (see #3) and then go do it!
  5. Don’t Judge a Book By It’s Cover
    You have to do the leg work.  You might see some horrible places.  Smelly, dilapidated, places.  Places with dead rats.  Places with horrible roofing.  Those are things you can’t see over the internet.  You have to go and get a feel for it and who knows, that one you haven’t looked at because it’s too far or doesn’t quite make numbers sense, might be the one that changes everything.

About Tattooed Homestead

We are a pair of techno-geek escapees from the cubical farms of Corporate IT who abandoned the hussle and bussle of the Magic City for a simpler life. We are converting a 5-acre plot of land with a house into an off-grid homestead from scratch and trying to grow more while buying less (though we have a long long way to go). We believe in sustainability and self reliance through permaculture and the pursuit of personal happiness. Learn more about us here


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