How Many of These Do You Waste Money On?

How many of these products or similar equivalent brands are in your home?

Here is a list that I put together of really common household cleaners and products that people use. I picked more popular or even cheaper brands to represent the use. ADD THEM UP! COMMENT YOUR TOTAL $$$

Some of you may use even MORE than what I have listed but I honestly could not think of another thing. I ran out of possible items you can buy BUT I know they are out there.

-Silent Echo

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Thrifty Tiffy Tip-Glassware Bonus Blog

Lucky you! You found my bonus blog.

“For me, I always thought thrift stores to be a lost cause. Thrift stores are good for finding something unique or just to browse for something you might need, but I would never expect to find what I’m actually looking for in a thrift store.”

-Tiffany Varner

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