List to Canning Your Doubts

“I wanted to eliminate the need for money, for the most part. Off-grid living, to me, meant becoming the complete opposite of everything I knew and hated.”

-Tiffany Varner

I talked a lot about planning in “The Magic Six” blog. Year one of my six year plan includes a good amount of dreaming and then a ton of homework. If you have not yet read it, I suggest you do! In year one, I suggest really asking yourself what off grid living means to you and exactly what you are willing to give up of your current lifestyle. My definition of off grid living was very clear for me going into year one. 

Along with defining the lifestyle you will live, I also encouraged developing a list of skills needed to live that life.


Are you as surprised by that number as I was? Imagine me sitting at my table and thinking of every survival movie from Cast Away to Jungle Book and trying to make a list of things I may need to know. It may seem a little crazy, but I have six years to master them and expand my mind! Even if some skills I never use, it will still be an experience. After reading several books, watching a million off-grid living videos and surfing the internet…I finished my list and have started to cross them off. Think about this for a minute. How many weekends in a year? Exactly. Over this six year plan, I will easily master all seventy-six skills and probably a few more. I am wasting no time.

Each weekend I will be learning a skill or gaining product knowledge to check off the list. Be prepared for the weekly blogs to recap each new skill. I know not everybody has the “luxury” of weekends off, but take advantage of the time off you do have and learn something. If you have kids, this is an amazing way to teach them as well while you learn.

The title of THIS blog is a clue to what will come this weekend…comment if you know! 



4 thoughts on “List to Canning Your Doubts

      • I look forward to that! I’m sure she has tons that she can teach you. She lived through some interesting times in this country.


      • I shared my list with her and she has several classes ready for me!! Not to mention that she is excited to do it and therefore is bringing all supplies! LOL


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