My Colgate Ran Out – For Good

“If slow and steady is a good thing, slow transition with steady change is something to brag about.”

 – Silent Echo


This weekend was a break weekend. That just means that I had house work to do! No super fun adventures or slaving projects. However, change is in the little things too!

The toothpaste finally ran out this morning. Here’s the thing. I have been talking a ton about becoming a “zero-waste” household and all the ways we can eliminate waste in our home. Let’s be honest, this is not an over night transition! If slow and steady is a good thing, slow transition with steady change is something to brag about.

It would be financially wasteful of me to just toss out all packaged items in the house without using them up. When we cleaned out our pantry of packaged food, we ate what we could and donated the rest. Donating is a much better option when you can. However, a half-used tube of toothpaste is something you should keep to yourself! Yuck!

On the other hand, hygiene products take a bit longer to use up. I saved a recipe for homemade toothpaste and finally got to use it today!


Baking Soda, Coconut Oil and Peppermint Essential Oil.

I use doTERRA’s certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils in so many aspects of my life and I was thrilled to find another use. Doing a little math…this jar of all natural toothpaste only cost me about $0.38. The jar itself cost more and will last a long time!

As I make this slow transition, things will run out. The goal is to have a replacement method ready. That could be as simple as a different way of storing it, or finding an alternative way to get the same result naturally. This way of life comes slowly and in waves. This makes it so much easier to make it a permanent change. Here’s an example of a change that we made…focused on…and perfected!

: : : UPDATE : : : Composting

I made a choice to toss my kitchen trash a can in an earlier blog. Click here to read about kicking the can and composting if you haven’t already. IF you haven’t read it and don’t plan to..SPOILER ALERT!

Since my blog earlier this month, I have already produced enough rich soil to fill a 5 gallon paint bucket. I have yet to fill my trash can outside, which tells me that I am doing a few things right! I have tried to keep everything balanced, layered, wet and aerated. This has really paid off!

My family of 4 produces plenty of compost. The kids and I both dump scraps out there daily and the fact that we can’t fill a tiny kitchen trash-can tells me that we are doing a great job!

This is now a routine. This is something we now do without having to remind ourselves. The boys have learned how to compost and I don’t even have to check what they’re tossing anymore. This is a great example of something learned by constant practice. These skills are not something to learn and not touch again. The idea is to slowly change your entire way of living, one big thing at a time 😉 The last thing I would want to do, is to learn and forget. I want to be so close to living the off-grid lifestyle that the transition is something that makes my life easier and acceptable, rather than a huge frustration of unprepared ideas and cute little pintrestboard theories. I want to be living it confidently in a world that makes it seem impossible so that the experience of moving off grid will be the most freeing and liberating thing I will ever do. The best part…I will be ready.



3 thoughts on “My Colgate Ran Out – For Good

  1. Yay homemade toothpaste! I’ve been trying to do this for years. It looks like your recipe is a lot more simple than most of what I’ve run across. Mind sharing? 😉 I’ll have to order some oils from doterra again, I’m just about out of what I have anyhow!

    The composting sounds like a huge success! Congrats! The state government here passed a law requiring everyone here to compost. I’m hoping it works as well in execution as it does in theory, given how many people here live in apartments with no practical way of having a personal garden. *crosses fingers*


    • Hi Lynnea! My toothpaste recipe is super simple. I just filled my jar 2/3 of the way with baking soda and slowly stirred in the FCO (DoTERRA:)) until it was a paste texture. Then I added 8 drops of peppermint. I ended up adding some clove this morning! I think that is awesome that they would enforce composting but can see how that could be hard for some. I am using my kitchen trash can which is thin and didn’t take up space. I don’t know about your weather, but i haven’t had any problems with smell since it’s been so cold! Lol keep me posted on how that goes for you!!

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      • Wow! That is simple. I’m going to have to try that. I’ll have to be careful, though, one of the herbal remedies I’m taking can be overpowered by peppermint! I’m hoping the composting might spur on some more community gardening or even making use of what ground we do have around our apartments. I’d love to start a little garden and feeding it with food waste is a lovely thought. We haven’t started it yet, but I’ll certainly update when we do! Thanks elephany!


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